Canon PowerShot SD790 IS Review

Canon PowerShot SD790 IS Review

Score: 99 / 100

I just got the Canon PowerShot SD790 IS ELPH and I just want to tell everyone how amazing this camera is.

My first digital camera I ever bought was a 4mp Kodak EasyShare POS camera (in this case the POS stands for piece of shit). It was bulky, had NO manual settings, and it only lasted about an hour on two AA’s before I had to change them out.

So the SD790 is a giant step up from what I have been used to. In fact, I hated taking pictures with my digital just because the camera was so shitty. I much preferred taking pictures with my 35mm and getting them on a disc at trashy Walgreens.

With that said, this camera is outstanding. It is tiny, it is solid, it has a beautiful giant LCD screen, and it is easy to use. But best of all, you can change almost EVERY option on the camera and even some you didn’t know existed.

One of the main reasons I bought this camera was because of all the manual options it gives you. Usually you need to buy an expensive SLR digital if you are going to be snapping manual shots to get photos to look just the way you want. The SD790 takes that theory and pisses on it. For 215 bucks you can have a tiny little camera that can do just about anything you can think of.

You want to take night photography of the stars to impress a lady friend you later hope to sleep with? The SD790 has got you covered. You work for a website that needs detailed 3648 x 2736 shots of microprocessors? The 790 can also do that in 10mp digital macro style. How about taking 360, panoramic, or beautiful portrait shots? Yes, absolutely, and you bet.

Canon, known for manual options, does more than deliver in this camera. Set your ISO, set your shutter speed, set your exposure time, and even set sensitive color variants. The SD790 does it all!

As far as battery life goes, this camera also has that covered. Charge the battery for about 2 hours and then enjoy taking hundreds and hundreds of photos before you need another charge.

My only beef with this camera is how big the screen is. I love it and I hate it. Frankly I am just waiting to scratch the hell out of it. A screen protector is my next investment for this thing. Also, on a side note, there is no view finder and it saves images as .JPG and not .jpg (which is a huge pain in the ass being a web developer).

Seriously people, if you are in the market for a small digital point and shoot camera that does far more than ‘point and shoot’…the Canon PowerShot SD790 is for you.

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- Tyler (Chiko)

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