Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Review

Score: 97 / 100
Good: Great singleplayer, Frostbite 1.5 engine is amazing for destroying the world around you, outstanding weapon models and sounds, fantastic multiplayer
Bad: Server browser, friends system can be buggy, unlocking weapons can get tedious, no jets, helicopters are nerfed
Reviewed On: PC

The Backdrop...

Where do I even begin with Battlefield: Bad Company 2? I have personally been playing Battlefield since the release of 1942 and have loved every second of it...with the exception of some nasty BF2 moments. In fact, some of my most fond gaming memories can be attributed to late nights playing a BF game. So does BC2 keep the BF fire alive? Before I answer that question, let's take a minute to go over what BC2 brings to the table.

The Campaign...

The singleplayer experience in BC2 is outstanding. For a Battlefield game's second dip into the singleplayer world, BC2 does a damn fine job.

After starting the campaign playing through a spec op WW2 mission, that doesn't end so well for its operatives, you are again thrown right back in the thick of the modern world. The best part about all of it though is that your four favorite Bad Company comedian soldiers, Marlowe, Sweetwater, Haggard, and Redford, are back for some laughs and explosions. Expect to play through just about every environment you can think of with just about every modern weapon you can think of.

Also, not sure what the craze is over Russia invading and screwing with America, but BC2 jumps on board. AND you can bet your sweetwater ass that they make fun of Modern Warfare 2 the entire game. Makes for some good lols.


This is where the game really shines, as it should be for a BF title. The battlefield series learned a lot of lessons with BF2 and we get to see the result of what was learned in BC2. This time around DICE, the dev, has included an unlock system that actually works pretty well. While unlocking new weapons doesn't always mean you will do more damage, unlocking new abilities and items means you will be doing more of everything.

The vehicles should also be mentioned when talking about a BF title. To be frank, the BF series has almost hit the nail on the head in BC2 when it comes to vehicles. While there are no jets, there are helicopters, tanks, 4-wheelers, and other light assault vehicles. This mix and variety makes for some very intense gameplay and just the right amount of balance...though I must say that the helicopters are extremely nerfed in this title.

The Graphics, Sound, and Feel

BC2 is running the Frostbite 1.5 engine, and Jesus is it wonderful. The game looks, sounds, and feels like a modern battlefield should (though I have never been on one, I am only assuming here). Never has a game provided so much freedom to a gaming experience in my opinion. For instance, let's say you are taking fire from a guy inside a building poking his head out of a window. You can't see him, you can't get to him, and you can't shoot him. The BC2 solution: blow the wall up and shoot him in the chest. Enough said.

The game is also beautiful and runs like a champ. Lighting elements, environments, and even weapon models are all crafted to a 'T' in BC2.

The Disappointments....

While the game does run pretty smooth most of the time, there are times were there can be too much going on. What I mean is if you aren't rocking the best hardware in your comp, the game can get sluggish. Also, the multiplayer server browser and friends system were pretty much terrible on release day to 3 months later. Not sure why it took so long to fix simple things that should have worked from the beginning.


For all the BF series has seen in the past years, Bad Company 2 is a welcome and worthy addition. With an intense, and well crafted, singleplayer campaign mixed with an in depth and unending multiplayer experience, BC2 hits a home-run for the Battlefield franchise. So yes, BC2 keeps the fire alive and burning out of control. Here's to you DICE.

- Tyler Sanders