Razer Lycosa Keyboard Review

I just recently bought the Razer Lycosa after reading a lot of reviews telling me it is the best keyboard on the market for the price. Personally I have always been a Saitek kind of guy so I was skeptical purchasing this keyboard to say the least.

I just want to start by saying that it is not the best keyboard on the market but it does have some cool features that might make it worth someone’s time.

Let’s start with what I liked about it. This keyboard comes with software, like all razer products it seems, that lets you set any key on your keyboard to do anything. I found this to be somewhat useful for browsing around my desktop and photoshop, but I can just set my keys in game to what I want them to do. I don’t need their software to accomplish that task. But I will give it credit for also running smooth and quiet in the background and not eating my system resources.

Now let’s talk about the back lighting. A lot of reviews you will read will say that it is too dim to be very functional. I don’t agree with that at all. The keys get dim when sitting at an angle, which is how most people sit, but they are pretty bright in a darkroom. Now, with that said, I felt like the lighting was entirely rushed and cheap. I also hated how they thought that making the keys black with black key cut outs was a good idea. You can’t see ANYTHING on the keyboard with the back lights off.

The back light also has three functions: off, only WASD lit, or on. It is kind of stupid to just leave WASD lit and not your other keys. You use so many more keys when gaming then just WASD. Seemed to be a completely useless function to me.

The keys are also coated in rubber. I hate it. It may feel nice against my skin and remind me that my fingers won’t slip when I get sweaty playing a video game, but it kills my finger nails. Enough said.

In an effort to keep the keyboard sleek, they also added a touch pad media function. This may be the dimmest part of the entire keyboard which renders it kind of useless as well. I don’t want to search for 10 seconds to find where the ‘turn down the freaking volume’ button is.

I can’t express to you just how sleek they really made this keyboard. Though it looks nifty on my desk, it feels like it isn’t there when I am gaming with it. Maybe I am just used to a hefty solid keyboard, but I would like to feel some something more solid when I hit the keys in a frantic effort to make Gordon Freeman dodge an ant lion.

Also, on the note of sleekness / solidness, this keyboard slides like a mofo. Maybe it’s because half of the keyboard is resting on my giant mouse pad, but the fact that I can’t use the keyboard feet without it falling off my desk bothers me. Again, the keyboard is almost too sleek and light for its own good. But if you are in to that, then this is the keyboard you have always been looking for.

On a side note though, I will say that typing a paper on the keyboard is rather nice when you get it situated and not sliding all over the place. The flat 'laptop' key design and spring loaded keys make this a college paper friendly keyboard I thought.

Slap a usb port, a headphone jack, and a mic jack on the board? Why not? Everyone else is doing it. Though this might be a nice feature for some, I found it useless yet again. I don’t need another usb port and I have a sound card with a front panel to take care of my accessibility needs. Also, you have to unscrew the wrist guard to get it off. Just thought I would throw that in there.

All in all the keyboard is alright. It isn’t worth $80 but if you get it as a gift it might be a nicer addition to your desk then what was there before. Personally I am taking it back and getting the Saitek Eclipse II.

Score: 88 / 100
Good: Programming any key is kind of cool, keys are pretty bright in the dark, keyboard is sleek, software is nice and smooth running in the background, small design, usb port and head phone / mic jacks are nice…kind of useless though, don’t have to worry about key paint rubbing off, great for general typing

Bad: Keys are more dim when sitting at an angle, rubber keys don’t feel nice at all on your fingernails, the touch pad portion is too dim and to ‘sleek’ to see or use hardly, too light…moves around, can’t use keyboard feet because the keyboard moves, lit WASD function is kind of useless, almost too sleek, F keys are way to far up

- T.S. Chiko

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