Prince of Persia Review

Score: 88 / 100

*Good:* Gorgeous, casual and fun gameplay, exciting urban scaling puzzles

*Bad:* Platforming can get old, not a lot of sword play

Prince of Persia is so much more than a game. It is a piece of art. The ability for outstanding casual play, the witty relationship between the princess and the prince, and the ease of crawling through a beautiful cell-shaded world are just a few things that make this game worth it.

I have always been a fan of the Prince of Persia games, so naturally I was drawn without question to this installment. At first I was hesitant of the entire ‘cell-shaded’ thing, but as I began to play the game, I don’t see how this game could work without it.

If you have heard anything about this game, you have probably heard that it is really easy. Firstly, it is not really easy. It is a causal game for casual gamers. Enjoyable if you will.

Secondly, when did the standard of a game is only good if it is hard as hell start? I hate games that only pride themselves on being hard. Don’t get me wrong…I love a good challenge. But POP shows that it doesn’t take a truck load of difficulty to make a game good.

Probably the main thing that people are complaining about with this game though is the ability to not ever die. I for one welcome this and love POP for taking an innovative step away from industry standards. Basically if you are about to fall to your death, your princess companion uses her Tom Cruise witchcraft and saves you from impending doom. You then start back at the ledge that you previously and stupidly jumped off of…much like a SAVE GAME FEATURE. So for all of you who think this is ‘gay’ or ‘too easy’, I challenge you to never hit your F5 key again.

While I can rave about the beautiful aspects and innovative portions of this game all day, I also have some beefs with the game as well.

Probably the biggest fault with this game is how monotonous it can get. Though I love being able to basically climb up and over everything I see, constant platforming makes me yawn after a while.

Which brings us to the next fault of the game. Fighting monsters is pretty much few and far between. Basically you climb up a new section of the world, fight the one monster, princess heals the world, and then you move on. I just wish they hadn’t taken out all the great fighting that made the other POP games amazing.

All in all though, POP is well worth your time and money. Whether you are getting it for a console or your PC, it will be a trophy piece of art sitting on your entertainment center / hard drive. So go, be merry, and enjoy Prince of Persia fully.

- Tyler (Chiko)

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