Resistance 2 Review

Score: 93 / 100

*Good:* Great co-op, beautiful graphics, amazing story line, intense gameplay, huge multiplayer

*Bad:* No save on player 2 levels for offline co-op, pretty difficult at times

If you played Resistance: Fall of Man, then you have probably already played Resistance 2 and know exactly what I am going to say in this review. If you haven’t, then let me let you in on an amazing PS3 gem (ya that kinda rhymed...get over it).

R2 (Resistance 2) picks up where Fall of Man left off. The chimera are back and nastier than ever. There is new beautiful scenery, new weapons, and new ways of kicking some pseudo alien ass.

One of the main differences in R2 is that you can only carry two weapons. While I loved picking up a ton of weapons in FoM, two weapons adds a whole new level of strategy.

But I don’t want to talk about the story line or little specific features of the game. I want to talk about the gameplay. To get to the point, it is fantastic. It is fast paced, intense, and difficult in that wonderful resistance fashion. R2 is truly one of those games that you start playing and can’t stop.

Something you should know, before buying this game though, is that the co-op does not take you through the campaign. I bought this game thinking that and was, at first, extremely disappointed to find out otherwise. The co-op is an entirely different and unique campaign on its own. Basically it is a mesh of FPS Call of Duty leveling mixed with doing it with up to 8 other players online (2 offline). Though it isn’t through the campaign, co-op is also fantastic. Hard and addicting are just a couple words that come to mind.

While this game keeps you on the edge of your couch with excitement, it also has a few drawbacks. The first one that comes to mind is that player 2 in co-op CAN NOT save their levels. This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but constantly starting player 2 from level 1 is really really annoying taking into consideration that co-op is based on leveling for unlocks.

The second drawback is the difficulty at times. If you are a casual gamer, this game might not be up your ally. It is one of the most challenging games that I have played. While a casual gamer could view this as a drawback, veteran gamers will enjoy how truly difficult this game can be (kind of like when you played Ninja Gaiden the first time…but not AS hard).

Basically this game is worth every penny. It is challenging, has outstanding replay value, an extensive multiplayer, a great unique co-op experience, and a long worthwhile in depth single player. What can I say? If you have a PS3, Go buy it now!

- Tyler (chiko)

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