Little Big Planet Review

Score: 96 / 100

*Good:* Wonderful 4 player co-op, innovative, outstanding level design, tons of content, amazing soundtrack, fun to play

*Bad:* Platforming can get old

I want to talk to you today about Little Big Planet. If you have ever day dreamed, then let me thank you for creating the world that makes up LBP (Little Big Planet). At least that is where the narrator told me it comes from.

The simplicity of this game is what makes it amazing. Basically it is a 3D next gen side scrolling platformer. Not only does it pull this type of gameplay off well, it does it with its sack hands behind its back. Also this game gets kudos for bringing back and rethinking the side scroller.

You play as a sack-person that starts off with an empty pod (or lobby space in-between each mission) and a simple brown sack body. But shortly after the tutorial ends, you are given your first options to customize. And customizing is truly what this game is all about.

LBP then throws you into the world of dreams and imagination as you jump, swing, and ride your way through some of the most innovative and elaborate level designs this decade. This is when you start to realize that collecting stickers, objects, costumes, and keys is what it’s all about. These will allow you to decorate your pod, your sack-person, and the world around you.

Essentially you are given the task to not only make your way to the end of the level, but also collect as many things as you possibly can. This includes jumping behind scenery (in a classic Mario style), swinging on birds, and bouncing off fat men things in the ground to reach collectables. This may not sound like heart pounding gameplay, but it is addicting as hell.

Now let’s talk multiplayer. This game is all about co-op (4 player co-op to be exact) and there are even parts of every level that can’t be reached unless you have an extra sack hand. Obstacles like bridges needing to be held and explosives needing to be transported by jetpack are some examples of the teamwork this game requires.

Death in LBP is also a unique element. While running through each level, you will encounter little rings of light. This is where you will spawn if you just so happen to jump into water or great blown to yarn by an exploding barrel. Each ring has four lives and then that’s it. You will then have to start the entire level again. But don’t worry…the stickers you collected are yours to keep no matter what the outcome.

While the game itself is pretty amazing, what sets it apart from any other side scrolling platformer is the level customization ability. You can build anything that your heart desires. I have seen everything from a LBP calculator to a spaceship mini game. But what is truly great is all of the FREE user created levels and content.

The drawbacks of LBP are few and far between. Granted, platforming can get old, but LBP has so much going on that most of the time you forget that you are just simply running and jumping your way through each mission.

LBP is one of the most fun and innovative games to be released in a long time. It really has something for everybody and hard core to casual gamers will enjoy it just the same. Not to mention this is a great game to get your girlfriend into gaming with. If you enjoy innovation, knitted cuteness, customizing, casual (yet challenging at times) play, and great co-op, then Little Big Planet is for you.

PS I also want to quickly mention the music. It is fantastic! That is all.

- Tyler (Chiko)

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