Samsung LN40A55 LCD TV Review

Score: 87 / 100

*Good:* Tons of picture options and settings, beautiful design, amazing Blu-ray picture quality, 3 HDMI ports

*Bad:* Bad ghosting issues at times, sound is a little weak, kind of expensive for only 40 inches

Samsung is known around the consumer market as being top notch and one of the best bangs for your buck. While this may or may not be true, this is my first Samsung and it is a vast improvement over the Insignia 42 inch that I had before it.

To begin with some great aspects of the TV, I can tell you upfront that the picture quality is second to none when talking about TVs right at or below $1,000. It has all the picture enhancing features that most Samsungs do and Blu-ray looks fantastic. In fact, we put in 300 the other day, started at a random spot in the middle of the movie to test the picture, and watched it till the end because it looked that amazing. With 1080p and 3 HDMI ports, this TV is hard to beat for the price.

The next great thing about this TV is that standard definition looks great. I can't describe to you how much of an improvement SD looks on this thing compared to an Insignia. Though you can still tell it's SD for the most part, you won't be wanting to turn the channel just because the picture looks so bad.

Some of the things the TV doesn't really deliver on would be the sound and ghosting issues. To cover the sound, I can just tell you that it is weak. It isn't great, but it isn't awful. In fact, this seems to be the trend with most HD TVs I have seen.

To move on to the ghosting issue, it can be rather distracting at times when watching HD channels. A brief explanation of ghosting is when the TV shows someone walking across the screen and it looks like there is a ghost following them. This effect usually happens in low light settings or when a lot of action is going on. But the ghosting was so bad at first that I almost took this TV back. It just made action or movement look like I had beer goggles on when I was trying to watch anything.

The correction I found for the ghosting though is to turn the TV on game mode. This feature lets the TV perform with its highest response time and refresh rate. It also turns a lot of those Samsung features off that would lag your picture.

All in all, this Samsung lives up to its name. While there are some problems with ghosting when watching HD channels, the picture can be tweaked so as not to notice it. The regular retail price for this thing is around $1,100.00, but I got it on sale for $1,000.00 at Best Buy. If it ever goes on sale again and you are in the market for a nice 40 inch display, definitely go pick up the LN40A55. You won't be disappointed.

- Tyler (Chiko)

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