Fall Out: New Vegas Preview

Fallout New Vegas offers a plethora of new ideas added to an old plate. Yet for the millions of Fallout 3 fans this will likely be a welcome buffet.

This new game finds itself starting fresh in the Las Vegas region of a post nuclear United States. Unlike the last title though, this one doesn't start out inside a vault. Instead you find yourself inside a Dr. Mitchells office recovering from a bullet wound. It is here that you inherit a pip boy and forge your characters starting path. One can only assume where Dr. Mitchell found a pip boy but we can hope a less muddled view comes when the game is released.

For those concerned, the UI and controls were very familiar and only minor things left any confusion at all. The game appears to be implementing an all new series of buffs to look forward to, as well as weapon modifications and specialty ammo.

On the art side everything maintains that beautiful gritty Fallout 3 look. The sky takes on a fresh appearance bringing back my memories of that perfect cobalt blue Las Vegas sky, for those that have been there. The shanty huts do a look slightly new and improved, a likely side affect from the 2 years worth of graphic growth.

Factions, factions, factions is all you seem to hear from quest givers in this early introduction and rightfully so. New Vegas has become riddled with gangs in this post nuclear world; all dueling for control of money, tech or just fame. It would seem that improved faction sets are one of the greatest changes this title has made. In fact they are so improved, each faction set has their own currency! The one faction you'll recognize right away is the New California Republic. While we didn't play deep enough into the game to see if you can actually join their ranks, you do begin hearing of them right from the start.

The question is, will the changes be enough to keep this cash cow rolling forward? The gaming industry today is rabid about making huge ridiculous changes to already working formulas. Can a game like Fallout 3/Oblivion keep on trucking with a concept that's "so last year"? I personally think the answer to this is yes. Though it's too early to say what we played is what is hitting the shelves; in my personal opinion what we played will take the market by as much storm as its predecessors. Seriously though how can it not? With post apocalyptic mayhem, newly introduced weapons, weapon mods, specialty ammo and a whole new string of character buffs, this game could very well be a 2010 game of the year contender.

- J.W. King

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