FEAR 2: Project Origin Review

Score: 83 / 100

*Good:* The ever fun slowmo, great enemy AI, interesting storyline

*Bad:* Not that scary, pretty short, lackluster weapons, just a basic shooter at its core

I remember back in 2005 visiting CPL and seeing a giant booth for FEAR. I had heard of the game and was pretty excited to see what it had to offer. Little did I know that I was not only going to get to play it that day, but also have an exclusive interview with a promotions guy from Monolith. Needless to say, I was sold on FEAR.

Fast forward four years and now we have FEAR 2: Project Origin. Being such a big fan of FEAR (minus the mediocre expansions), I picked this game up with out hesitation.

FEAR 2 picks up where FEAR left off. Though you are a different character, Alma is still the main problem. In FEAR 2, Alma has been set free from many years of being locked away from the world and she is pissed as hell.

A side note I want to make really quick is about the storyline. For all who played FEAR, you know how complicated and impossible to follow the storyline was. FEAR 2, while complicated at times, has really produced a solid and easy to follow storyline that fits right in with what FEAR was all about. FEAR 2 also introduces a whole new pack of characters from another evil military dude to your lieutenant lady friend.

Moving on to the actual gameplay; you can't talk about FEAR without talking about the slowmo. And yes, FEAR 2 has it. You can also still do crazy kicks through the air that absolutely annihilate the enemy. The main point I wanted to make here though is that FEAR 2 successfully carries on the slowmo portion of the series that we all know and love.

The next thing I want to mention is the AI's ability to create cover. FEAR had snippets of this where enemies would topple over desks or racks to create some form of cover, but FEAR 2 has taken it to another level. Not only can you create your own cover now, but the AI will assault you in ways I haven't seen in gaming yet. I can distinctly remember one squad turning over a desk, thinking I was going to flank them, and thus turning over another desk to make sure they were covered from both sides.

FEAR 2 also brings back the ever loveable mechs that were so much fun to kill in FEAR. The best part about this time around is that you get to pilot your very own. While I thought this would just be a stupid 'side mission', I was soon proven wrong after getting in, booting up, and mowing throw tons of enemies. All I can say is that FEAR 2 does a great job with mech play...a feat not easily accomplished.

Moving on to the problems with the game, the main thing I don't like about FEAR 2 are the weapons. While they are some what innovative, they are nothing new. They also felt a little clunky. Maybe I am just too big of a fan of FEAR, but the FEAR 2 weapons just don't seem as solid.

A few other things that hurt the game are how short it is and how it really isn't that scary. Though I can forgive a game for being a little short, I just can't let a horror game that isn't that scary slide. In fact, the only time I was really 'scared' was when I was in the school, lockers started rattling, and Alma appeared. Other than that, the game is a pretty straight forward shooter.

All I can say is that if you are a FEAR fan, you will enjoy what FEAR 2 has to offer. If you aren't, just go pick up FEAR 1 and call it a day.

- Tyler (Chiko)

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