Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Review

Score: 79 / 100

*Good:* Beautiful graphics, addicting click and slash play, tons of quests

*Bad:* Pretty generic click and slash action-RPG, not a lot of spells and no spell bar, not a lot of innovation, poor storyline

I think we can all honestly say that at some point in our lives as gamers, we have all played an action-RPG. Whether it was Zelda style or Diablo style, we have all spent a good portion of our gaming careers grinding to hit that next level.

Enter Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. If you have played Diablo or Titan Quest, then you should have a pretty good idea as to what is going on with Sacred 2.

With all of that said, and out of the way, Sacred 2 does possess some elements that set it apart from its almost identical twin brothers, Diablo and Titan Quest. For one, Sacred 2 is sporting some fancy new PhsyX action. A few places in the game that have been beefed up with PhysX are the ground, the wind, and spells just to name a few. The big question though is: can you actually see the places that PhysX has been added? The answer to that question is both yes and no. Yes, the spells and environment look absolutely amazing. And no, footsteps on the ground look like preloaded textures...not freshly simulated by your character. What I'm really trying to say here is that the game is beautiful.

The second thing that, kind of, sets Sacred 2 apart is the character design. With everything from ancient guardian robots equipped with laser cannons to sexy leaf-wearing women druids, Sacred 2 offers 6 pretty unique characters/classes to choose from. I should also make mention that you get the ability to obtain some really unique mounts throughout the game depending on your class.

The last great thing I want to tell you about is the multiplayer. You can effectively hop between singleplayer and multiplayer seamlessly for some great co-op action. I am always of a fan of co-op and any game that implements it is alright in my book.

Enter Sacred 2's draw backs. I love any game that brings back the old "explore, kill, loot, quip, quest" gameplay, but Sacred 2 doesn't seem to offer enough variety from its brothers in the genre. As soon as you load the game up, which takes a while, you immediately ask yourself, "whoops, did I accidentally click on the Titan Quest icon?"

Another problem with Sacred 2 is how shallow the skill/equipment systems are. While you are given quite a variety of skills and equipment to choose from, they just don't seem to work well with the overall game. Skills are passive most of the time, so you don't use them really, and equipment drops so often that you never get the time to become fully acquainted with anything.

As far as the spells go, forget having a lot of variety here as well. You can really only use two or three at any given time. This might have been an effort to make the game more straight forward, but I think it hurt the game more than helping it. While not having a spell bar is a unique feature, I found myself really missing it.

A final problem with Sacred 2 is that it has no real storyline. Sure, there are tons of quests, cheesy witty humorous quips, two sides to choose from, and speeches given at the start up of choosing a character. But a solid immersive storyline is nowhere to be found.

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel has a few problems, but it is surprisingly addicting. This game takes the old Diablo style of gaming and really does nothing to change it (especially when compared to Titan Quest). Is this a good thing? Yes, if you love to do nothing but click and slash.

All in all, I think the time of simple action-RPG gaming has come to an end and Sacred 2 didn't get the memo. With that said, if you love Titan Quest and are bored stiff with it, pick up Sacred 2 for sure. If you are looking for an in depth 'Diablo III', you frankly won't find it here. While Sacred 2 sports some beautiful graphics, fun multiplayer, and tons of quests to keep you busy, the overall game is missing a certain charm to really bring anything great to the 'video game table'. If Sacred 2 had come out a few years ago, before Titan Quest, jaws would be dropping. But the truth is that it didn't and they aren't.

- Tyler (Chiko)

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