Darkest of Days Preview

Darkest of Days Preview

Release Date: September 8th, 2009.
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As the name implies, Darkest of Days takes you back to some of the worst days that mankind has ever seen. The game mainly focuses on the civil war, World War I, World War II, and Roman times. While I am sure you can think of many more dark days in history, Darkest of Days will provide some the most deadly moments that the world has ever seen for you to play through.

You play as a soldier, from around the civil war area, named Alexander Morris. The campaign begins with you being on the verge of death when an agent from the future pops in and saves your life (and skull for that matter).

You are then transported to a briefing room where you learn that time travel has not only become possible, but practical as well. This sets the stage for the entire game as you try to rewrite rewrites of history to effectively correct mistakes that another agency is making. You also have the task of finding the 'father of time' who has gone missing.

While those objectives alone will set the mood for a fantastic campaign, Darkest of Days goes out of its way to ensure that you play through some of the most epic battles of the above mentioned eras. Some of the most notable battles are Pompeii, Little Big Horn, and Antietam.

The biggest twist to all of this is the addition of modern day futuristic weapons in olden times. Mow through waves of confederate troops with an automatic assault rifle, snipe German soldiers in WW2 with the most badass sniper rifle ever invented, and stick an automatic pistol in the face of a Yankee. That said, there will also be plenty of time and need in the game to use the period weapons.

With all of these features, and more, Darkest of Days looks to be a title that may rewrite a little gaming history of its own. If you are at all into history, keep an eye on this upcoming title (or play the demo). If not, you will probably still want to look into this title that offers more in one game than most developers can dream of.

- Tyler (Chiko)

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