Darkest of Days Review

Score: 90 / 100

*Good:* Outstanding (re-playable) gameplay, great storyline, beautiful depictions of history, brilliant use of PhysX

*Bad:* Somewhat buggy at times, below-par character models

For all who have ever wanted to be apart of history…your time has come. Darkest of Days let’s you fight through our world’s darkest..of..days in some of the most glorious ways you can imagine.

The story begins with you, Alexander Morris, being grabbed out of the battle of Little Big Horn and taken to a futuristic looking lab with a big face on a monitor. While the urge to through a sledgehammer through the giant monitor exists, just listening is probably in your best interest.

This is the part where you are then informed that you are now apart of a group that has mastered the art of time travel and is using it to ‘correct’ another ‘rouge’ organization’s mistakes. Also, the father of time (the guy who invented time travel) has gone missing and you must recover him as a side plot that really doesn’t add to you laying waste across multidimensional time and space.

Also, just to touch on some of the weapons, you use muskets, pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, WW2 rifles, WW1 rifles, a flamethrower, and bayonets to correct history. The reason I mention this is because I have always wanted to take an assault rifle back to WW1 to see the outcome and this game delivers.

Now that I have laid out the basic storyline, I want to touch on the graphics. While the environments are expansive and the weapon models are beautiful, the character models leave you wanting more. Having to look at your ‘superior officer’ talk to you is a little like watching a muppet try and explain something to children.

Gameplay in Darkest of Days is spot on though. The graphics engine that was developed and used for this title allows for quick load times, zero amounts of bogged down action, and tons of enemies on the screen at once. In fact, the gameplay is so smooth that it reminds me of the source engine and how smoothly it runs on just about any system. Also, the PhysX in this title is what really helps in getting you immersed in everything that is going on. From beautiful smoke effects to great rag doll physics, implementing PhysX in this title was a great addition.

The bottom line is that Darkest of Days delivers a solid game that is fun to play. With smooth graphics, an interesting storyline, great voice-overs, and some awesome FPS action, this game does not disappoint at all. If you are looking for a great romp through history, Darkest of Days is the game for you.

- Tyler (Chiko)

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