Nvidia 3D Vision Review

Score: 90 / 100

The dream of true virtual reality has lingered in our gamer heads for a long time now. While no one can really offer true in-home virtual reality at the moment, Nvidia is providing a way to play all of your favorite games in 3D.

The Nvidia 3D vision is a pretty simple system. It consists of drivers, certain Nvidia GPUs, certain monitors/TVs/projectors, wireless glasses, and a receiver base that connects to your computer. Though some what pricey at around $600 for the 3D kit (consisting of a Samsung® SyncMaster™ 2233RZ 120Hz LCD and 3D glasses/receiver base), it is fantastic for what it offers the gameplay experience.

The Good...

First off, the 3D kit actually does what it says it does. It adds 3D to almost any popular game you can think of. WoW, COD4, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Resident Evil 5, COD: WAW, Battlefield 2, and many more. But what does 3D mean in this case? The 3D kit adds depth to games. It basically makes long roads look long and gun models look like they are actually in front of you. The 3D vision also gives depth to little things like armor and facial features...which really shine through in games like WoW.

Second, the kit is easy to use and requires almost no effort to integrate with your games. In fact, it is even easier to switch in between 3D mode and regular, on the fly, in any game.

Also, you don't need the special glasses to play and watch things in 3D. If you don't have the receiver base or glasses connected to the computer, you can just get cheap blue/red glasses. Though it doesn't offer the best 3D experience, they will do the trick.

The Disappointments....

The first thing that came to mind when I first saw this kit was how bad my head and eyes were going to hurt after using it. I am one of those people who can't see 3D flicks because the glasses, mixed with the actual 3Dness of the movies, gives me a pretty bad head ache. Though the glasses do give you a little head ache after prolonged use, you do adjust to them after a while. I only mention this in the 'disappointments' section because anything about a product that gives head aches is not a plus. But at least they are mild.

Another negative with the 3D kit is that it demands a lot of your system. If you don't have a nice gaming rig, forget running smoothly with high graphics and 3D turned on. While playing COD4, large fire fights with high graphics will feel pretty sluggish...even on a beefy system.

The final let down is the price to actually get the 3D rolling on your system. A GPU, the 3D kit, and a nice computer to run it all is not cheap.


I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed shooting Nazis, killing alliance members, and beating zombies in 3D. Though the Nvidia 3D vision seems kind of pricey, the amount of entertainment you get out of it is totally worth it. My 60 year old father even played a few hours of video games just because they were in 3D. That may not mean much to most of you, but it is something I have written down in my log of 'crazy things I thought I would never see.' If you have the cash and a want to play games in 3D, this kit is for you.

- Tyler Sanders (Chiko)

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