Nintendo: Where Has All The Fun Gone?

Nintendo has been the king of innovation and new devices hitting the gaming scene like clockwork for the past couple of decades. With everything from the first NES to the new
DSi, Nintendo keeps'em coming year after year. What that said though, I myself have grown a little bored, and somewhat cynical, of what Nintendo has to offer anymore.

Let's start with the SNES. I know the NES was revolutionary, but I'm starting deal with it. The Super Nintendo was a ground-breaking, industry shaking console.
The graphics were amazing, the games were fun, and stores couldn't keep them on the shelves. You truly could bring the 'arcade' into your home, except with far more variety
in games. I personally love my SNES and find myself hooking it back up from time to time to enjoy the 'good old days' of gaming.

Next came the Nintendo 64. Talk about another ground-breaking device; this bad boy came with 64 bits of graphics and hours of some of the best gameplay seen yet in the
industry. Nintendo was still, in my opinion, the leader of the finest gaming experiences on the market at that time. From Zelda to Goldeneye, Nintendo had fun down to a

While it was never really an 'era', the time of the Nintendo hand-held devices has been all over the place. With everything from the first GameBoy color to the release of the
NDS, Nintendo almost had a new hand-held coming out every year. They also have had a new Pokemon game coming out almost every six months for one game system or another.

Which brings us to the gamecube. Ok, that's all I wanted to say about that.

Nintendo knew they had to do something to enter the next-gen era with a bang. Their solution? The Nintendo Wii. I am very aware that you know all about it and so I don't
have to say much here. I will say though, that the Wii is...innovative.

I think that is enough Nintendo history though. What I really want to talk about is how the Wii, and now the new DSi, are nothing more than novelty items to add to your
collection of gadgets. Which leads me to my biggest question: Where did all the fun go?!

Nintendo has done such a great job over the years with truly capturing what makes gaming fun. I mean, who knew they could turn a plumber into one of gaming's most celebrated
video game characters?

My theory is that the Wii has made Nintendo in to something that it's not. With the addition of the Wii to Nintendo's line up, they have turned the company into a company
that is centered around innovation. While some may argue that this is revolutionary for gaming, I will have to argue that it is detracting from the one thing that I want from
my games: fun. Yes, the Wii was fun when it came out. No, the Wii is not fun for me anymore.

Now we have the DSi to add to their laundry list of hand-helds. This is another example of how Nintendo has truly run out of ideas and is turning to 'gadgets' and
'innovation' to make up for the lack of fun in their games / systems.

I am not trying to Nintendo bash. I love Nintendo and what they have done for the gaming scene. So I guess I will end with a statement to Nintendo:

Dear Nintendo,

I don't want cameras, touch screens, or gyroscopes implemented into my games/systems without a purpose. Doing this makes developers feel the need to show off the 'equipment',
rather than make fun and interesting in depth video games.

Nintendo, I want you to bring the fun back. Yes, Mario Galaxy was fun, but can we please move on from the characters you keep beating into the ground like a dead horse?
Also, please make a system fun before you make it innovative. Trust me, we all get it. Your company likes to turn the gaming world as we know it on its head. This idea is
nice, if there is fun included.

So, I will ask this again. Please hold the bells and whistles and make games/systems that are fun and innovative, not novelty items that show how truly 'creative and
innovative' you can be.

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- Tyler (Chiko)


Though most people have cast their opinion about this article already, I wanted to clear some things up that I have read around the net.

For one, I don't hate the Wii. While I think it is largely a novelty item, it was still fun. Honestly, the Wii just got old...that's all I am trying to say here.

Secondly, I don't hate Nintendo. While it doesn't surprise that saying something 'bad' about Nintendo automatically makes me a Nintendo Basher on the internet, it does
surprise me how much people have got their panties in a twist over this.

Finally, I am not saying that the PS3 or Xbox are better than the Wii. All three systems have their ups and downs.

Thank you for your time.

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