About us

Quite simply we are a game and electronics news and reviews website that has been around for about five years now (including the time we spent at the domain LanGameReviews.com...hence LGR). Below you will find a breakdown of our review system.

Review System: We review games out of a 100 scale system. We also try and provide the simplest reviews possible while still giving you as much information as you need. Here is a breakdown of our system:

- 90 & up : Innovative, doesn't get old, and more than outstanding gameplay. If you like gaming, you should own this game.

- 80 : This game is above average and is definitely worth your money. Most, if not all, gamers should find something in this game to enjoy.

- 70 : This game is average and is neither amazing nor awful. These games either do not show any innovation for the gaming world or just didn't make us go 'whoa'.

- 60 : This game is below average and really isn't worth the time or money.

- 50 & below : Stay the hell away.

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We also take no credit for screenshots, unless otherwise specified, posted with reviews. Most of the time credit goes to the creators of the game.